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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Myanmar Font Web Converter on MAC

Some of my friends can’t see Myanmar font on OS X 10.11 El Captain. If they use pseudo-Unicode font called Zawgyi, they’ll face similar problem whenever they upgrade their OSs.
It’s time to move on and use built-in Myanmar fonts which follow Unicode standards.
If you still want to read Zawgyi texts, you may install one of the following browser extensions/add-ons for your favourite browsers.
It’s called MUA Web Unicode converter and developed by San Lin Naing from Myanmar Unicode Area. You Rock!
If you disabled built-in Myanmar fonts, hope you didn’t, please enable from FontBook.
And please remember there are browser extensions so you can install on Windows or Linux too.

I developed a small website which has collection of Myanmar fonts and Keyboards for iOS devices.
Visit there if you want to install fonts on you iPhone/iPad or Mac!
I’ll be adding more fonts from time to time.
The following quotes are written in Myanmar ethnic languages, Bamar, Shan, PaOh, Sgaw Karen and Mon. I hope the website will help somehow to our fellow users in our fight to standard computable languages.

In this digital era, protect languages by using international standards.

Safari Extension by San Lin Naing from Myanmar Unicode Area.

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