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Friday, June 5, 2015

Special English EDUCATION

An introduction

This is the VOA Special English EDUCATION REPORT.

A listener in Poland recently sent us an e-mail. Slawek Loboda writes: "There are many American universities and colleges that provide long distance education to the world. The trouble is that each university says that it is the best. After an hour of searching and reading what they have in their offer, one gets a headache. You simply don't know whom to trust and what to choose."

Slawek goes on to say, "I have been listening to VOA for years and I would trust you if you made an interesting program about American universities for foreigners. Is there a university that you could recommend?"

Well, choosing a school is an individual decision. But we may be able to help inform that decision.

Slawek's letter happened to come at just the right time. It gives us the perfect opening for not just one program, but a series -- our Foreign Student Series. We update the series every two years to provide fresh information for anyone interested in higher education in America.

The United States has more than four thousand colleges and universities to choose from. They come in all sizes -- from a few hundred students to enough to populate a city. And students may not even have to be in the United States to take classes. Some universities have campuses in other countries. And, as Slawek pointed out, many programs are offered over the Internet.

Over the coming weeks, we will talk all about the American system of higher education. Our reports will take you inside some of the nation's colleges and universities. We will explore programs of study and report on student life. We will talk about financial aid and employment, and about admissions tests and English language requirements.

We will also explain the process for becoming an international student in the United States. And we will talk about how the terrorist attacks of September eleventh, two thousand one, changed some of the rules.

Many of the subjects in our Foreign Student Series are based on your questions and suggestions. So keep them coming! Send e-mail to special@voanews.com, or click on the Contact Us link at voaspecialenglish.com. Or write to VOA Special English, Washington, D.C., two zero two three seven U.S.A.

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